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Vampyre Cosmetics is an Autistic owned company celebrating Autism Acceptance.

Vampyre Cosmetics is an Autistic owned company celebrating Autism Acceptance.

Los Angeles, CA April 1st, 2023

CEO of Vampyre Cosmetics LLC, Rachel Clinesmith, was diagnosed as Autistic and with ADHD at an early age. She grew up reading the works of renowned female authors like "Jane Eyre," by Charlotte Brontë and "Pride & Prejudice" by Jane Austen. In homage to these women, Rachel designed a three-page book-shaped makeup palette with 30 shadows for compact carry, specifically enhancing the palette to have a tactile resemblance to the literary works.

For Autism Acceptance Month in April 2022, Vampyre Cosmetics is promoting its Jane Austen Book Palette. Many literature lovers in the modern day have pointed out that the main characters of these classic stories display classic Autism traits. These were considered irreverent works for their time. Social mores of the day forced the Brontë sisters to publish under a male pen name to bypass the sexism in the publishing industry. For centuries, these characters have brought solace to young girls who have felt out of place in society. Many of these readers received an Autism diagnosis later in life. Vampyre Cosmetics takes an ethical approach to cosmetics consistent with the strong sense of justice many Autistic people tend to have. Their unconventional perspective refuses to sell a "standard of beauty" rejecting society's hierarchical and patriarchal beauty standards.

As a brand, Vampyre Cosmetics strives to be a "beauty disruptor" renouncing social constructs of beauty and replacing them with individual ones. Vampyre Cosmetics is committed to the notion that vegan, cruelty, and talc-free products should be the baseline for cosmetics, not something to brag about. They believe no one should have to choose between unique, inspired packaging and high quality, ethical cosmetics, so they are all in one.

You can find their products at They also went live on in 2022 with considerable success. Their products are also sold in over 120 independent stores around the world. Last year Vampyre Cosmetics launched licensed capsule collections with Emily the Strange & Vincent Price. Their Winchester Mystery House and Amy Brown Fairies collections will launch in 2023 along with two huge and exciting IP’s yet to be announced.



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