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Add some extra zhuzh to your day with Art of Drag!

They reimagine and subvert famous artworks and genres, serving unique, provocative, glamorous works of art. And like the queens themselves, every single one is a MASTERPIECE!

Vampyre Cosmetics x ART OF DRAG Makeup Collection

In Celebration of Pride Month, Queer owned brand Vampyre Cosmetics LLC is launching a collection with Art of Drag – a British brand that is known for it’s playful, subversive and glamorous works of art featuring Drag Queens.

Art of Drag is created by an award-winning independent art house of LGBTQ+ artists and allies. This
British art house is famous for reimagining and subverting iconic artworks and genres, creating playful and original artworks which have Drag Queens and Kings proudly taking centre stage.

Creator of Art of Drag, Soula Zavacopoulos, says “Art of Drag celebrates diversity and the beauty of being our unique selves. Each of our original artworks feature a beautylicious Drag Queen or King. And like the queens themselves, every single one is a MASTERPIECE!”

Vampyre Cosmetics is the perfect fit to authentically bring this collection to life. Founder & C.E.O Rachel Clinesmith spent years doing makeup for film & live fashion/burlesque shows. As a result, Vampyre Cosmetics' makeup formulation has the pigmentation and longevity necessary for stage and screen. Vampyre Cosmetics strives to be a "beauty disruptor," renouncing social constructs of
beauty and replacing them with individual ones. They believe no one should have to choose between
unique, inspired packaging and high quality, ethical cosmetics, so they are committed to being all in one.
Vampyre Cosmetics is proudly women owned, disabled owned & LGBTQ owned. All of their products are also vegan, cruelty-free, and talc free.



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