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Vampyre Cosmetics x Living Dead Dolls: A Hauntingly Beautiful Collaboration

New Orleans, LA: Vampyre Cosmetics is joining forces with Living Dead Dolls by Mezco Toys™ for a limited-edition makeup collection that is sure to send chills down your spine. The collection features three doll-shaped shadow palettes inspired by the iconic 2002 Series 4 collection: Ms. Eerie, Inferno, and Sybil.

Each palette offers a unique makeup experience, allowing beauty enthusiasts to embrace the eerie and extraordinary world of Living Dead Dolls while creating their own mesmerizing looks.

Ms. Eerie Shadow Palette: Step into the haunting world of Ms. Eerie with this shadow palette that mirrors her enigmatic allure. Unveil a veil of mystique with this collection of shades that channel the essence of despair. Just like Ms. Eerie, this palette conceals secrets within its shades. Unearth a makeup experience that's both eerie and captivating.

Inferno Shadow Palette: Ignite your creativity with the Inferno shadow palette, a fiery tribute to the Living Dead Doll who arose from the flames. This palette embodies the blazing spirit of Inferno with a range of colors that evoke the scorching heat of her origin. Embrace the flames and paint your beauty with a touch of the infernal.

Sybil Shadow Palette: Dive into the depths of madness and restraint with the Sybil shadow palette, a tribute to the doll who remains locked away forever insane. This palette captures the essence of a straight jacket and a mind in turmoil. Sybil's mind may wander, but your makeup will stay firmly under control with this palette. Explore the mysteries of the night with a touch of Sybil's madness.

Whether you're a longtime fan of Living Dead Dolls or simply looking for a unique and captivating makeup collection, Vampyre Cosmetics x Living Dead Dolls is sure to please. The collection will be available for Holiday 2023 sales.