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Please check our frequently asked questions below to see some of our most common FAQs to see if that helps with your inquiry. If not, someone will respond to your chat or email as soon as possible during business hours. Monday-Friday 10am-7pm Central Time. 

For a faster response, please email directly for order questions & for affiliate program/Shopify collabs questions. For all other inquiries, please use the form below or contact our C.E.O

How fast is shipping?

All U.S. orders over $75 get FREE SHIPPING and international orders over $200 USD get FREE SHIPPING. *pre-order items excluded

International shipping prices do not include any local customs or taxes. Customs are responsible for customs, taxes & duties.

Except during high volume times (new launches, holidays etc), orders are processed the same day if placed before 12PM EST and next day if placed after 12pm EST and then ship out the next day. 

Once shipped, Most Shipments arrive within 3-8 business days in the United States, 7-14 Days everywhere else. Please allow extra time from October - December. We now offer more options for selecting your shipping prices and speeds during checkout.


Can I change my shipping address after my order is placed?

Sometimes, if you us know quickly enough we will do our best to accommodate your request. Once an order has been processed, it cannot be changed.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do. We offer multiple options for speed and cost with international shipping. International shipping prices now include local customs and/or taxes.

Where do you ship from?

Most of our products are shipped directly from our Warehouse/Logistics/Fullfillment Center 3plg in New Jersey. They are a Women Owned and Ran company as well and only work with beauty brands. We are headquartered out of New Orleans, LA but our team is all over.

Do you accept returns?

Yes within 30 days. See our full policy here.

Are your products Vegan & Cruelty free?

Yes, all of our products are 100% Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Are your products clean/talc free?

Our products are all Talc Free and Gluten Free as well.

Full Ingredients for all of our products can be found in the product descriptions on our online store.

We use the best quality ingredients available and strive to make sure that our customers have all the information available to them to make an informed choice.

Read more about our ingredients.

Are your products recyclable/is your company green?

We are working on ensuring that 90% of our packaging is recyclable by 2025. Much of our packaging is already paper based so it's biodegradable. Our product packaging is also designed to be collectible in nature and therefore kept & displayed instead of thrown away after use.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are manufactured in China. All formulations & packaging designs are our own and we only work with factories that meet rigorous human rights, ethics, cruelty free & vegan standards.

I saw your product on ____ Site. Are those products legit? Do you know about this?

We sell wholesale to over 150 Independent stores around the world and also on and We try to maintain a fairly current list here.

If you want to see our products in your local stores, ask them to find us on Faire or click the Wholesale link at the bottom of our site.

Do you sell at Conventions?

We love exhibiting at conventions!

See our list of upcoming events.

We were also the first makeup brand ever allowed on the show floor at San Diego Comic Con in 2022.

Where do you get the artwork for your products?

All of our product artwork is either Officially Licensed through the original IP owners, commissioned, public domain or original artwork. We believe artists always deserve to get paid top dollar for the work they do and we do not use AI. We also strive to partner with companies that share our values when it comes to ai. See HASBRO's & D&D's statement here. Batty Goth is our lead designer, see more of her work here.

What does "Officially Licensed Product" Mean?

When we want to use a licensed character or property, we pay a fee to the licensor - which can be pretty steep. And it's not just a one-time payment; we also give up a percentage of our profits, usually around 10%. On top of that, we cover all production, marketing, and shipping costs ourselves. And before we can start, we need the licensing company's approval. That means we're investing a lot of time and money into the product, with no guarantee of success. Every step of the process and every portion of information we put out requires a separate approval. This is why it takes time to update product images and swatches, make announcements etc. This is all worth it because we get to create unique products made by and for the fandoms we love!

We're not just passionate about what we do - we're also bringing unique products to the table that you won't find anywhere else. By supporting us, you're supporting creativity and innovation. Next time you see a licensed product, remember that we're taking a big risk to bring it to you. Let's support small businesses and keep the creativity flowing!

Who runs this site/company?

Who is behind the scenes here? The short answer is, a lot of people. We can't create cool makeup for the fans like we do without a lot of help. We are a family run business and support other family oriented women owned, queer & neurodivergent entrepreneurs whenever possible.

Rachel Clinesmith is Vampyre Cosmetics LLC & Phoenix Rising Cosmetics LLC CEO. 

Batty Goth is our lead designer/product developer.

Joseph Keens handles our quality control and oversees manufacturing.

Logan Boese handles a lot of our copy writing and in person sales at events.

Catherine Boese is our customer service manager.

3plg is our women owned and run shipping & fulfillment company out of New Jersey.

Evestar is our women owned and run Paid Social Media Advertising Team.

We contract with a number of women owned PR companies for press releases & media coverage.

We have a team that handles our retail support and training with over 23 years of experience on both the buyer and brand side. 

We also work with a number of other (mostly women owned businesses or contractors) that handle our finances, bookkeeping and legal needs. 

What is Phoenix Rising Cosmetics?

TLDR: Vampyre Cosmetics is transitioning towards a broader audience. While we love and appreciate our gothic roots, we don't want anyone to feel left out and want the freedom to explore and create under more genres. We are slowly becoming Phoenix Rising Cosmetics which we feel aligns better with our current goals and values and those of our amazing customers.

Full Message: Dear beloved beauty enthusiasts,
We are thrilled to announce an exciting development: Vampyre Cosmetics has undergone some changes in ownership and is now available for sale direct to consumers exclusively through PhoenixRising Cosmetics! This transition is a common practice in the business world as companies grow and expand their horizons.

Our new partnership with PhoenixRising Cosmetics symbolizes our commitment to growth, transformation, and embracing new possibilities. Just like the majestic phoenix, we believe in the power of reinvention and the limitless potential within each and every one of you.
Rest assured, our dedication to unparalleled quality, inclusivity, and customer satisfaction remains unwavering. We understand that change can be both exciting and uncertain, but we want to assure you that this transition will only enhance our ability to serve and empower our cherished community.

As we embark on this remarkable new chapter, we extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support. Together, we have reached an astounding milestone of 1 million devoted followers, and we are eternally grateful for your trust and loyalty.

Wishing you beauty, brilliance, and endless inspiration,
PhoenixRising Cosmetics &
Vampyre Cosmetics

We've moved all the data over for customer accounts, collabs and rewards but we might have to manually re-sync things sometimes or send you a new link to login. All orders have been moved over but some of your previous order links won't work. If you have any issues or questions about accessing your accounts/orders/rewards etc, please email and we will make sure you're taken care of.

Are some of your product pictures mockups?

As a small indie company, we're eager to share full product images, but our partners need to approve each production phase. Teaser images allow us to incorporate your feedback for enhancements, making you a part of the creative process! We update our website and marketing as soon as partners approve final images. Think of it like a movie trailer - we're offering a sneak peek while the final product is being fine-tuned. Your patience will be rewarded with amazing products! In the meantime we recommend checking out our website to see what our physical products look like from our other lines!

Can I sell your products in my store?

If you want to see us in your local stores or are looking to sell our makeup wholesale in your storefront, learn more here.

Do you offer PR Packages to influencers.

Yes we do! Please apply here.



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