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Influencer Program

Are you a cosplayer, musician or influencer? Get on our PR List! Please apply!
You don't have to have a ton of followers to get approved, we pick our collab team based on a number of factors. How many active collaborators we currenlty have, if we think your personality, style etc match the products we currently have available to promote and if you have passion for the same things we do. We are always looking to support other women, non binary, trans, LGBTQ, neurodivergent & disabled creators. We check and approve applications periodically. You get your first gift and a code to share with your followers upon approval. After that, when we have new launches, we will select collaborators to receive new gifts based on those promotions! We don't have a lot of requirements when you become a collaborator but we love sharing the posts that you tag us in! Makeup is supposed to be fun!



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