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International Womens Day (Women Supporting Women)

International Womens Day (Women Supporting Women)

We believe in women supporting women. Trans women, femme presenting, NB, women of color, disabled women, all women. We are proudly women owned, LGBTQ owned & disabled owned. We hire & support women owned businesses wherever possible. Our logistics, fulfillment & warehousing is done by 3plg out of New Jersey. They are a women owned company. Our amazing team over at Brand Uncover and ROI leaders are women owned. Our publicist Lisa Malcolm at LYNK PR is a women owned and run PR company. We also hire women photographers like Alexis Interiano (Aries Nola Photography) whenever possible.

A little blurb about how we "do" cosmetics:

We strive to be a “beauty disruptor”, renouncing social constructs of beauty and replacing them with individual ones.

We believe no one should have to choose between unique, inspired packaging and high quality, ethical cosmetics, so we are committed to being all in one.

We believe gender is a construct and has no place in our business. We refuse to gender our products because they are for everyone.

We want to help those who use our products to feel empowered enough to show up in their skin however they wish.

We also believe vegan, cruelty and talc free should be the baseline for cosmetics, not something to brag about.

We believe beauty is in everyone. We simply provide tools as an option for the expression of it.

Our “mini-manifesto” is found on the backs of all new palettes and boxes:

Makeup is Magickal.

Steeped in academia and dark lore, we create products for the people mainstream brands leave behind.

We believe you should be able to express yourself as you wish.

Vampyre Cosmetics gives you the tools to define your aesthetic and begin your makeup adventure.

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