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Vampyre Cosmetics Announces Collaboration with Space Invaders: A Retro Gaming Glamour Experience

Vampyre Cosmetics Announces Collaboration with Space Invaders: A Retro Gaming Glamour Experience

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, December 4, 2023 / -- Vampyre Cosmetics, the trailblazing beauty disruptor renowned for its innovative makeup creations, is thrilled to unveil an out-of-this-world collaboration with the iconic arcade game, Space Invaders. This extraordinary partnership bridges the realms of retro gaming and the nostalgia of youth, promising a makeup collection that captures the spirit of this legendary game for fans.

The Vampyre Cosmetics x Space Invaders collection is a cosmic journey into nostalgia and excitement, channeling the pixelated charm and intergalactic thrill of the classic arcade game. With metallic & glitter eyeshadows that shimmer like interstellar battles and lip colors that evoke the exhilaration of high scores, this collection invites makeup enthusiasts to embrace their inner space explorers.

Space Invaders, originally released in 1978, is an enduring symbol of retro gaming culture, and this makeup collection pays homage to its legacy. Vampyre Cosmetics has meticulously crafted every detail, from the packaging to the palettes, to transport fans of the game back to the golden age of arcades.

Vampyre Cosmetics, known for its unwavering commitment to cruelty-free, vegan, and talc-free cosmetics, ensures that this collection adheres to their rigorous ethical standards. Each product is a testament to their dedication to responsible beauty practices, allowing fans of Space Invaders to enjoy makeup that embodies the essence of this iconic game.

Pre-orders for the Space Invaders collection are set to begin December 4 2023, inviting makeup enthusiasts and retro gaming fans alike to indulge in the nostalgia and excitement of this cosmic collaboration. Stay tuned for a makeup collection that promises to be more than just cosmetics; it's a journey back in time to the arcade era, reimagined with Vampyre Cosmetics' signature style and ethical excellence.

About Vampyre Cosmetics:
Vampyre Cosmetics is a pioneering beauty brand that defies traditional beauty norms, offering cosmetics that are an avenue for self-expression and individuality. Their commitment to inclusivity and ethical excellence has garnered them a dedicated following of makeup enthusiasts who embrace their unique aesthetic.

About WildBrain:
WildBrain is a global entertainment company specializing in children's and family content. As the licensor of Space Invaders, they facilitate collaborations that bring beloved franchises to life in new and exciting ways, allowing fans to experience these iconic brands in collectible and innovative forms.

For more information about this exciting collaboration, please visit, and prepare to embark on a makeup adventure that celebrates the timeless allure of Space Invaders.
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