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Vampyre Cosmetics x Living Dead Dolls Makeup Collaboration

Vampyre Cosmetics x Living Dead Dolls Makeup Collaboration

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, USA, October 31, 2023 / -- Vampyre Cosmetics is joining forces with Living Dead Dolls for a limited-edition makeup collection that will enthrall makeup enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados. The collection features three doll-shaped shadow palettes inspired by the iconic 2002 Series 4 collection: Ms. Eerie, Inferno, and Sybil.

Each palette offers a unique makeup experience, allowing beauty enthusiasts to embrace the eerie and breathtaking world of Living Dead Dolls while creating their own mesmerizing looks.

Ms. Eerie Shadow Palette
Step into the haunting world of Ms. Eerie with this shadow palette that mirrors her enigmatic allure. Unveil a veil of mystique with this collection of shades that channel the essence of despair. Just like Ms. Eerie, this palette conceals secrets within its shades. Unearth a makeup experience that's both eerie and captivating.

Inferno Shadow Palette
Ignite creativity with the Inferno shadow palette, a fiery tribute to the Living Dead Doll who arose from the flames. This palette embodies the blazing spirit of Inferno with a range of colors that evoke the scorching heat of her origin.

Sybil Shadow Palette
Dive into the depths of madness and restraint with the Sybil shadow palette, a tribute to the doll who remains locked away forever insane. This palette captures the essence of a straight jacket and a mind in turmoil.

"Vampyre Cosmetics x Living Dead Dolls is a marriage of darkness and beauty, and we couldn't be more thrilled," says Rachel Clinesmith, CEO and Founder Vampyre Cosmetics. "This collection is an homage to the horror genre and a celebration of our shared passion for the eerie and the extraordinary."

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